Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shwachman Diamond Dash 5K

My wife and I headed out to Long Island this weekend to visit her sister and because she had tickets to see New Kids on the Block (very embarrassing for her, I know, and NO, I didn't go.) I found a nice little 5K race to run Saturday morning. Here's how I did...

Mileage: 3.09
Time/Pace: 21:53/7:05
Avg HR: 162
T/W: 65/sunny

Splits: 7:12, 7:13, 6:57 (!)

I was very pleased with this, a new PR. I was shooting for taking :02 off per mile from my previous best and was able to get well below that. The course was very flat and fast and the weather cooperated nicely.


  1. Yeah! Congrats on the PR! I wish I could run even close to that fast for a 5K right now... next thing you know, you'll be trying to break into 20 minutes. Nice work! And good for you for getting out of the NKOTB show...I never liked them but was forced to see them with my little sister (who LOVED Joe McIntyre) when I was 15. Worst. Day. Ever.

  2. sorry, but I'm with your wife, I love NKOTB!

  3. Thanks for participating! I have two boys with SDS and know the family who puts it on. Thank you for helping the cause!

  4. Pattie,
    Thanks for writing...I enjoyed the race it was very well organized. Glad I could be a part of it.

    Keep hangin' tough...meanwhile I'll try not to puke all over the floor.

    As always, thanks for the support! I hope you are right about a sub-20, my age group is tough, and I really hope to become somewhat competative.