Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello Beautiful

Oh yes! It's finally arrived. My beautiful new Cervelo P2. After almost a year of researching, shopping, debating, waiting, debating, etc, I finally pulled the trigger and bought it. Isn't it just beautiful. So, first thing this morning I decided I just had to take a ride. This was a bit scary at first. I was a bit tentative not wanting to damage it or fall and make myself look like a fool. However, 30 or so minutes later, I felt as though we were fast friends. The stat nerd that I am, this will give me yet more data to capture and track with my Garmin. Here's what I did...

Mileage: 10.38
Time/Avg Speed/Top Speed: 36:02/17.3/22.9

Let me tell you, riding at almost 23mph is awesome! Even if it was for only a few moments, it was spectacular. I see another ride in the very near future.....

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