Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Look Mom! No Socks!!

That's right! No socks. Why? Well, yesterday I purchased a pair of triathlon shoes (pictured) and I guess the deal is you don't wear socks because of the swim and a quicker transition. Also, the don't have any ties, just a pull string to tighten up, if neccessary. I'm not quite ready for a tri yet, but I am doing a duathlon this weekend, so I felt as though I should give these a shot.

The plan today was to run 2, bike 20, run 2 to simulate a duathlon. The transition setup wasn't the best, I had to walk through the hotel lobby to the back where I put my bike and then back out. Didn't do too bad though.

Here's the stats:

Run 1
Mileage: 2.02
Time/Pace: 17:26/8:38
Avg HR: 140

T1: 1:02

Mileage: 20.03
Time/Av Sp/Top Sp: 59:44/20.1/34.4
Avg HR: 146

T2: :58

Run 2
Mileage: 2.00
Time/Pace: 15:50/7:55
Avg HR: 155

Whew! Pretty pleased with this overall. Running and biking without socks wasn't too bad. The shoes are pretty comfortable, I wonder how they will hold up over a longer run.

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