Tuesday, June 15, 2010


That's right. Like a big ol' tree I fell. No big deal, more about that later. This morning I did my first brick workout. For those of you unfamiliar with this, basically it's one workout immediately followed by another workout, i.e. bike then run, swim then run, etc. Today I was going for a 60min bike followed by a 3 mile run. This was also a good opportunity to practice my transition for the upcoming duathlon and to try out some new gear (i.e. my recently purchased triathlon clothing). The triathlon clothing is a bit different than bike apparel. It still has pouches in the shirt, but the shorts have a much thinner pad that better facilitates running. I also got to use the multi-sport function on my Garmin watch for the first time, very cool. Can you say NERD ALERT!

So, the bike went well. I really didn't notice the minimal padding in the shorts. Close to the end, I came to an intersection with a stop light. I clipped out my right foot and left my left clipped. As I was standing there, I shifted my weight a bit and in slow motion fell over to the left. With my foot clipped in, I had nothing to stop my fall and I was on my side. Very Embarrassing! With no damage done (except to my ego) I stood up, dusted myself off and was back on my way. The motorists were sure to let me know that they had witnessed it all with a few toots of the horn and even a whoop!

Bike Totals
Mileage: 18.95
Time/Avg Sp/Top Sp: 59:55/19.0/38.9
Avg HR: 138

Transition: 1:27, a bit slower than I would have like, but not the ideal set up. I had to put my bike on top of my car and lock it.

The start of the run felt weird, but not horrible. My legs were definitely heavy, but I noticed my turn over seemed much faster. In fact, with a goal of 8:56/mile, I looked down after the 1st .25 and saw that I was at a much faster pace (8:20). As much as I tried I couldn't go much slower.

Run Totals:
Mileage: 3.00
Time/Pace: 25:26/8:28
Avg HR: 146
T/W: 55/sunny

All in all, a very fun workout!

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