Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Long Run and Hills Together

Another beautiful day to enjoy. I set out for a 14 mile long run and decided to throw in some hill work while I was at it. I don't think, I've done hills like this before, I usually just stick to rolling hills, but I was just "feeling it", so I went with it.

Hill 1 (Baby): 42ft over .23, just a little warm up hill
Hill 2 (Big Brother) 245ft over .97, pretty intense
Hill 3 (Little Sis): 86 over .33
Hill 4 (Never Ending Hill): 600ft over 3.11

All of this in the 1st 6.5 miles.

Ah but the downhills, we nice, a bit tough on the knees though

As far as my long runs I followed my negative split approach

Miles 1-3 (10:21): 10:02, 10:05, 10:17 (kind of erratic here, just getting warmed up and hills)
Miles 4-10 (10:11): 10:08, 10:09, 10:13, 10:11, 10:07, 10:12, 10:09
Miles 11-14 (10:01): 10:00, 9:57, 9:43, 9:09

Mileage: 14.01
Time/Pace: 2:20:48/10:03
Elevation Gain: 1229ft
Avg HR: 141
T/W: 63/sunny, cool

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