Saturday, June 12, 2010

Susan G Komen 5K

Nice race today. Well organized. It was a bit warm, but tolerable. My goal for this race was to set a PR. Things have been going very well for the past couple of weeks and I was looking to break into the 22's. My target was 7:25 for mile 1 and then 7:20 for miles 2 & 3, with a sprint to the finish. Here's how it went....

Mile 1: Goal 7:25/ Actual 7:24 (-:01), bit of uphill, not too difficult
Mile 2: 7:20/7:18 (-:02), this hurt a bit, but got my wind back at the end of this mile
Mile 3: 7:20/7:08, (-:012), downhill helped tons, killed it
Last .1: :34 (6:01 pace)

Woo hoo! PR! Nice run, felt pretty good at the end...

Mileage: 3.10
Time/Pace: 22:26/7:14
Avg HR: 162
Temp: 75/sunny, humid

Congratulations to my beautiful bride on finishing her first 5K. Running a race with her is much more exciting, perhaps that's where my 40 sec drop came from!

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