Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Goals

1) Sub 19 Minute 5K: Last year, I broke 22, 21, and 20 minutes. I have actually become somewhat competitive in some of the smaller races and now I am focused on becoming even more competitive.

2) Boston Marathon Qualifying Time (3:10): 7:10 mile pace! Yikes!! My best is 3:37, I need to shave about 1:10/mile off.

3) Run an Ultra: BPAC 6-hr, Mind the Ducks 12-hr, who knows, maybe even the Summer Beast of Burden 100-miler or 24-hr.

4) Run 2011 Miles (fitting don't you think): Why? Why not?!? As long as I stay injury free this should be achievable. I have become much more sensible with my mileage increase, I've only increased 5% week over week and am scaling it down even further to 2% once I hit the 50 mile per week mark.

5) Purchase Race Wheels for Bike: This is a simple practice in saving and economics.

6) Compete in a Triathlon: Splish, splash. The swim scares me.

7) Win a Duathlon: I'm close, very close.

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