Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010: Year In Review

2010 brought a number of firsts for me; my first marathon, duathlon, tri-bike. Here's the highlights of the best and worst of the year.

Bottom 5 of 2010:

5) Caroler 5K: 12/18, 21:57. I big step back from where I had been and a fitting end to a less than stellar week of running (see #3).

4) Turkey Trot: Never performing well in this race, I thought I was primed for a great finish. I felt as though I was fully recovered from the Philadelphia Marathon 4 days before, but my body let me know about halfway through that I was still recovering and I had to back off. 38:31 8K.

3) A Scary 18 Miles: 12/16. This seemingly routine long run was anything but, as I struggled against the elements, my body and mind. I came as close to breaking during this run as I had anytime previously.

2) Wilson Duathlon: 7/31. I had been on cloud nine, with the purchase of my bike and discovery of duathlons. I mistakenly thought I could hop right into a race, directly off of vacation, where I ate like crap and didn't do much training. I a race I could have won, I finished a dismal 7th, giving up 4 places in the final run.

1) Prolonged Injury: Primarily due to overtraining, I suffered various leg ailments throughout April and May, limiting my running and ultimately causing me to miss my mileage goals and my first ultra.

Top 5 of 2010:

5) New Bike: I had my eyes on this bike for almost a year and in June I finally got it, a bright shiny new Cervelo P2. It's sleek, fast and dead sexy!

4) 1st Marathon: Virginia Beach, March 21st. Two years ago, I would have never imagined running anything close to this. I trained hard throughout the winter and was hobbled and humbled, but did cross the line. Success!

3) Sub-20 Minute 5K: 11/13, Lindsey's Legacy, 19:46. I felt fantastic coming around the final corner and seeing 19:30 on the clock, knowing that I was going to make it. On to sub-19!!

2) 1st Duathlon: Quakerman 6/27. This was an awesome experience and has created somewhat of a multisport monster. It is also a very humbling experience, the second run is brutal.

1) Weight to 180lbs. Running and biking has been my answer to becoming a "normal" weight again. I had been overweight for years, for no good reason, other than laziness.

Up next, 2011 goals.

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